Saturday, March 15, 2008

MEAC Championship: Morgan vs. Coppin

- This should be an interesting game. Coppin started the season 0-7, but have

- Two minutes in, and we've alreadyhad a player get flipped. This is gonna be a physical game. Coppin 4-2.

- Coppin is looking like a team with some special March Magic. This doesn't look like a team that started out 0-7. CSU 14-13.

-This is a physical game, resembling a like a backyard brawl and it looks like it's gonna be that way until the final buzzer sounds.

- CSU's Tywain McKee has been clutch the entire game. He's putting a dagger in Morgan's NCAA tournament hopes with 31 points so far.

-Tied at 60 with less than five seconds remaining, Walker blows by his defender to give CSU a 62-60.

-The agony of defeat. MSU's Reggie Holmes' 3pt attempt clanked off the front iron and CSU's celebration began. Final score 62-60 Coppin State.

Rams vs. Eagles second half observations

- 16:56 Futrell picks up where he left off in the first half, in the air. NCCU 39-36.

- 16:04 The Rams need to body up on Marius Vaskys, he's owning them down-low early in the second half.

-14:00 NCCU is on fire from the three-point line so far. NCCU 45-42.

-Central just seems to want the game a little more than WSSU. Guess that's what winning just three games will do to you.

- Wonge 3pt basket makes it NCCU 51-50 with less than eight to go.

-Peake's free-throws tie the game at 56.

-Davis misses two free-throws with the game tied at 56 with 3:10.

-Futrell makes two to give Eagles 58-56 lead with 2:30 to go.

- WSSU has had it's chances, but keeps coming up empty.

-1:10 NCCU called for traveling, Rams still have a chance.

-Futrell misses the free throw, but Isaiah Tucker makes an ill-advised pass and the Rams are forced to foul.

-Roy Peake drives to the basket, throws up a layup, Jamal Durham misses the tip-in and the Rams have to foul again.

-The Futrell hits both free-throws, and that's the ball game. NCCU wins 60-56.

Rams vs. Eagles first-half observations

- NCCU's Charles Futrell is starting to get it going. The Eagles have managed to cut the lead to 20-16 with less than 10 minutes to go, hitting a couple of 3's to do the damage.

-WSSU needs to get the ball to Durham. He's too valuable for the Rams to go 10 minutes without seeing the ball.

-The RBC Center is a nice facility. It'd probably be alot nicer if the crowd was a little larger. I'd say the attendence is about 1/5 capacity of the arena's capacity.

- If Paul Davis can put on some weight during the off-season, he will be a problem for opposing teams. WSSU leads 29-22 with 3:40 left to play in the first half.

-Futrell finished the half-off with two crowd-pleasing slams, and the game is tied at 31 heading into the half.

Rams vs. Eagles pt. 1

-I don't know who had a tougher five minutes, me (I had to start a new blog) or the Rams and the Eagles. WSSU hit just one of its' first six free-throw attempts but still leads 18-6 with 13 minutes to go. The Eagles look flustered so far.