Sunday, May 25, 2008

MEAC heading to W-S

For at least the next three years, Winston-Salem will host a Divsion I conference tournament. According to a report by the Winston-Salem Journal, sources say the Mid-Eastern Athletic Confernce (MEAC) will call Winston home. The MEAC is a conference made up of historically black colleges up and down the east coast. Winston-Salem State has been accepted into the college and will be eligible to compete for a title in the 2009-10 tourney.

The tournament, held in Raliegh the past three seasons, continues to grow but lacks the luster and prestige, not to mention the revenue of the Central Intercoliegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) tournament. After attending the MEAC earlier this year, this looks to be a great move for both the confernce and the city. The Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Colesium seats about 14,000, which is more ideal for a tournament its' size than the RBC Center which holds around 20,000. Although Winston isn't known (positively) for its' night life, I'm pretty sure that the tournament could bring some promoters to the area. This looks like a win-win situation.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Just when you think you've heard it all...

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How trifling is this guy? According to defensive back Jamar Hornsby is being accused of credit card theft and fraudulent use of a credit card. The worst part of it all is the card is the card belonged to a young woman who died in an accident that also claimed the live of his teammates, redshirt freshman Michael Gibson, last October.

I know times are hard, but using a dead person's credit card from an accident that also took the life of one of your teammates? That's low. Florida coach Urban Meyer has said that they guy is no longer a part of the program. I hope these allegations aren't true, but if they are he gets no sympathy here.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

LB comes back to NC

Courtesy of -Larry Brown in his first pro coaching gig in Charlotte with the ABA's Carolina Cougars.

So by now most of you've heard that the Charlotte Bobcats (What do you mean? Yes we do have an NBA Franchise) hired Larry Brown as new head coach. Have to confess, I've kinda got mixed feelings about this one. I think LB's resume will command respect from the Bobkitties, but will his personality negate that? Remember how he and Iverson went back and forth in front of the media in Philly?

Hopefully after winning an NBA 'chip with the Pistons and after that disasterous year with the Knicks, LB will take a little more subdued approach in the Queen City. I know one thing, LB's hire can't do anything but help the Bobcats' image in Charlotte. Reading the boards online after every Bobcat article since the team's inception, I can't recall a time when race did not come up in the conversation. Not to call LB an affirmative action hire, but alot of people feel like Bob Johnson is a racist and only hires black people. (Funny thing, I've never heard anybody critique how many African-Americans are in Jerry Richardson's office, but that's another story.)

I just hope Larry stays around long enough to get the Bobcats headed in the right direction. Something tells me that Brown is biting at his chomp to apply for that Dallas job.